Corporate AVP

Videos produced to promote or inform about a company's profile

A sample script may be provided upon request.

Jetti Petroleum

Client/Production House: Pixelens Creative Solutions

Jetti needed a corporate AVP to show throughout their live events and for social media. The AVP talks about their short history, values, and purpose.

Concrete Stone Crop.

Client/Production House: EFB Film Productions

Concrete Stone Corp. opened up new sites in the development of their company. These AVP videos showcases these sites while empowering the company's values. 

The production house had asked me to write three scripts for each site. The video link is one of those videos.

Medical Depot

Client/Production House: Pixelens Creative Solutions

Finally branching out into different locations and embracing the possibilities of online selling, Medical Depot tasked the production house to produce a corporate video for their internal and external advertising.